Mycosphaerella (genus)

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Mycosphaerella Johanson 1884

More than 10,000 species have been described under the genus Mycosphaerella. However, the genus has been shown to be polyphyletic (Crous et al., 2007) and is considered to be a synonym of Ramularia (Videira et al., 2015). Therefore, the anamorph form of the type species (Ramularia endophylla) is used by taxonomists instead of the Mycosphaerella form. Ramularia is currently placed in the family Mycosphaerellaceae but many other Mycosphaerella species are considered to belong to a variety of other families. The species not yet transferred to other genera would need to be taxonomically revised.

Type species: Mycosphaerella punctiformis (see Ramularia endophylla)

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: