Mycopathologia (2010) 170, 237-249

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Lorraine M. Moses, Walter F.O. Marasas, Hester F. Vismer, Lieschen De Vos, John P. Rheeder, Robert H. Proctor and Brenda D. Wingfield (2010)
Molecular characterization of Fusarium globosum strains from South African maize and Japanese wheat
Mycopathologia 170 (4), 237-249
Abstract: The fungus Fusarium globosum was first isolated from maize in South Africa and subsequently from wheat in Japan. Here, multiple analyses revealed that, despite morphological similarities, South African maize and Japanese wheat isolates of the fungus exhibit multiple differences. An amplified fragment length polymorphism-based similarity index for the two groups of isolates was only 45%. Most maize isolates produced relatively high levels of fumonisins, whereas wheat isolates produced little or no fumonisins. The fumonisin biosynthetic gene FUM1 was detected in maize isolates by Southern blot analysis but not in the wheat isolates. In addition, most of the maize isolates produced sclerotia, and all of them produced large orange to dark purple sporodochia in carrot agar culture, whereas wheat isolates did not produce either structure. In contrast, individual isolates from both maize and wheat carried markers for both mating type idiomorphs, which indicates that the fungus may be homothallic. However, a sexual stage of F. globosum was not formed under standard self-fertilization conditions developed for other homothallic species of Fusarium. The inability to produce the sexual stage is consistent with the high similarity of 87-100% and G ST index of 1.72 for the maize isolates, which suggests that these isolates are undergoing asexual but not sexual reproduction. Together, the results suggest that the South African maize and Japanese wheat isolates of F. globosum are distinct populations and could be different species.
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Fusarium globosum Maize/corn (Zea mays) South Africa
Fusarium globosum Wheat (Triticum) Japan