Mycopathologia (2003) 155, 149-153

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Len M. van Zyl, Teresa A. Coutinho and Michael J. Wingfield (2003)
Morphological, cultural and pathogenic characteristics of Coniothyrium zuluense isolates from different plantation regions in South Africa
Mycopathologia 155 (3), 149-153
Abstract: Coniothyrium canker caused by Coniothyrium zuluense, is a serious stem canker disease of Eucalyptus species in sub-tropical regions of South Africa. This disease is typified by necrotic bark lesions that coalesce to form large kino-impregnated cankers along the stems of trees. The strategy currently used to manage Coniothyrium canker in plantations is to deploy Eucalyptus species or clones that are resistant to the disease. Considerable success has already been achieved in this regard, but the long-term durability of resistance is of concern. Thus, forest managers are interested in the genetic diversity of the pathogen and its potential to overcome disease resistance in planting stock. In this study, 344 isolates of C. zuluense from different plantation regions in South Africa were compared on the basis of colony colour, conidial morphology, growth characteristics on agar and pathogenicity to a susceptible E. grandis clone. Conidia of all C. zuluense isolates measured were similar in size and shape. The fungus is slow growing in culture, which is indicative of its apparent biotrophic habit, with optimum growth observed at 30 °C. Isolates of C. zuluense displayed considerable variation in colony colour and pathogenicity in inoculation trials. Variation in morphology and pathogenicity amongst isolates suggests that C. zuluense has been present in South Africa for an extended period of time, or that it is changing rapidly due to strong directional selection pressures.
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Teratosphaeria zuluensis Eucalypt (Eucalyptus) South Africa