Mycopathologia (1998) 143, 33-46

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C. Vidal, J. Fargues, L.A. Lacey and M.A. Jackson (1998)
Effect of various liquid culture media on morphology, growth, propagule production, and pathogenic activity to Bemisia argentifolii of the entomopathogenic Hyphomycete, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus
Mycopathologia 143 (1), 33-46
Abstract: The entomopathogenic Hyphomycete Paecilomyces fumosoroseus was grown in five different liquid media, which have been developed for mass production of Beauveria spp. or P. fumosoroseus. Production was followed for 96 h by measuring both biomass and concentration of propagules. Maximal biomass was obtained with two media, Jackson and Catroux media (40-60 mg ml-1 suspension produced after 42 h incubation), where the exponential phase of growth began earlier than in the other media. While high concentrations of propagules (1.4-5.5 × 108 propagules ml-1) were produced in three media (Jackson, Paris, and Catroux media) after 48-72 h incubation, production of propagules was lower in the two other media, containing maltose as carbon source (Goral and Kondryatiev media) with 0.4-3.7 × 107 propagules ml-1 after 96 h incubation. P. fumosoroseus produced oblong blastospores in the three most productive media and conidiospore-like (ovoid to subspherical) propagules in the two other media. Infection potential of produced propagules was tested on the silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia argentifolii). Whiteflies were sprayed as 2nd instars with P. fumosoroseus propagules produced in the five liquid media (1.9 × 103 and 1.9 × 104 propagules cm-2). All the media produced propagules that were infectious for larvae. With the lower dosage, mortality rates were significantly lower with propagules produced in one of the two least productive media (57%) (in the Kondryatiev medium) compared to those obtained with the three most productive media (>90%). However, when whiteflies were treated with the higher dosage, mortality rates (91-99%) between media were not significantly different.
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Bemisia tabaci biotype MEAM1
Cordyceps fumosorosea (entomopathogen) Bemisia tabaci biotype MEAM1