Mycologia (2002) 94, 722-730

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Henriette Britz, Emma T. Steenkamp, Teresa A. Coutinho, Brenda D. Wingfield, Walter F.O. Marasas and Michael J. Wingfield (2002)
Two new species of Fusarium section Liseola associated with mango malformation
Mycologia 94 (4), 722-730
Abstract: Mango malformation is an economically important disease of Mangifera indica globally. A recent DNA-based study indicated that two distinct, phylogenetic lineages previously identified as Fusarium subglutinans are associated with this disease in South Africa. The objective of this study was to characterize Fusarium isolates associated with mango malformation, including the two different F. subglutinans groups, based on morphological characteristics. For this purpose we examined Fusarium strains isolated from diseased mango inflorescences from diverse geographical origins. We also used sexual compatibility tests to determine whether sexual reproduction among the strains was possible. The morphological characters considered were shape of the conidia, presence of mono- and/or polyphialides, origin of the conidiophores from the substrate, presence of chlamydospores and the presence of sterile coiled hyphae. Three unique Fusarium spp. were identified. In this paper, we provide formal descriptions for the two new taxa in the section Liseola that we have named F. mangiferae and F. sterilihyphosum. Fusarium mangiferae is conspecific with strains that were previously identified as F. subglutinans and reported to be the causal agent of malformation in mango growing areas throughout the world. Fusarium sterilihyphosum, on the other hand, has been isolated only from malformed mango tissue in South Africa.
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Fusarium subglutinans
Fusarium mangiferae Mango (Mangifera indica)
Fusarium sterilihyphosum Mango (Mangifera indica) South Africa