Molecular Plant Pathology (2008) 9, 59-66

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Tobias I. Link and Ralf T. Voegele (2008)
Secreted proteins of Uromyces fabae: similarities and stage specificity
Molecular Plant Pathology 9 (1), 59-66
Abstract: Uromyces fabae on Vicia faba is a model system for obligate biotrophic interactions. Searching for potential effector proteins we investigated the haustorial secretome of U. fabae (biotrophic stage) and compared it with the secretome of in vitro grown infection structures, which represent the pre-biotrophic stage. Using the yeast signal sequence trap method we identified 62 genes encoding proteins secreted from haustoria and 42 genes encoding proteins secreted from in vitro grown infection structures. Four of these genes were identical in both libraries, giving a total of 100 genes coding for secreted proteins. This finding indicates a strong stage-specific regulation of protein secretion. Similarity with previously identified proteins was found for 39 of the sequences analysed, 28 of which showed similarity to proteins identified among members of the order Uredinales only. This might be taken as an indication for possible roles in virulence and host specificity unique to the Uredinales.
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