Molecular Breeding (2011) 27, 455-465

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L.F. Zhuang, L. Sun, A.X. Li, T.T. Chen and Z.J. Qi (2011)
Identification and development of diagnostic markers for a powdery mildew resistance gene on chromosome 2R of Chinese rye cultivar Jingzhouheimai
Molecular Breeding 27 (4), 455-465
Abstract: Chinese rye cultivar Jingzhouheimai (Secale cereale L.) shows a high level of resistance to powdery mildew. Identification, location, and mapping of the resistance gene would be helpful for developing a highly resistant germplasm or cultivar in wheat. Using sequential C-banding, GISH, and marker analysis, an addition chromosome with powdery mildew resistance was identified in a line derived from a cross between Chinese wheat landrace Huixianhong and rye cultivar Jingzhouheimai. The line, designated H-J DA2RDS1R(1D), had 44 chromosomes including two pairs of rye chromosomes, 1R and 2R, and lacked a pair of wheat chromosomes 1D, that is, it is a double disomic addition disomic substitution line. According to its reaction to different isolates of the powdery mildew pathogen, the resistance gene in H-J DA2RDS1R(1D) differed from the Pm8 and Pm7 genes located earlier on rye chromosomes 1R and 2R, respectively. In order to determine the location of the resistance gene, line H-J DA2RDS1R(1D) was crossed with wheat landrace Huixianhong and the F2 population and corresponding F2:3 families were tested for disease reaction and assessed with molecular markers. The results showed that a resistance gene, designated PmJZHM2RL, is located in rye chromosome arm 2RL.
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