Medical Entomology and Zoology (2014) 65, 29-31

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Keiko Kosone, Mayumi Ito and Akihiro Kanayama (2014)
[Study on vertical movement of the adult German cockroach, Blattella germanica, to upper floors]
Medical Entomology and Zoology 65 (1), 29-31
Abstract: The vertical movement of the German cockroach Blattella germanica (Linnaeus) to upper floors was studied using a 700 cm vinyl tube as a model of a drainpipe in buildings and houses. The whole experiment was conducted in the dark. After three days of acclimatization with twenty cockroaches, the acclimated container was connected to the bottom of the tube on the third floor of a building, and two new containers were connected to the tube on the fourth floor (350 cm distant from the third floor) and fifth floors (700 cm distant), respectively. The cockroaches in each container were counted daily for four weeks. Food and water were set in the container on the third floor from the first to seventh day of the experiment, and from the eighth to 28th day, they were placed only in the containers on the fourth and fifth floors. Twenty-eight percent of both male and female German cockroaches stayed in the acclimated container for the first seven days. After food and water were moved to the new containers, many cockroaches moved to the new containers. For the last seven days, 30% of the males and 13% of the females stayed in the new containers, while 7.7% of males and 5.4% females stayed in the acclimated container. Thus, the cockroaches used the vinyl tube for both a passage and for a harborage.
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(original language: Japanese)
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