Medical Entomology and Zoology (2011) 62, 235-242

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Keiko Kosone, Mayumi Ito and Akihiro Kanayama (2011)
[Experimental study on vertical movement of German cockroach, Blattella germanica, comparisons of behavioral responses between male and female to different arrangement of food, water and distance between harborages]
Medical Entomology and Zoology 62 (4), 235-242
Abstract: The vertical movement of the German cockroach Blattella germanica was studied by using an experimental system that imitates vertically connected harborages within a building or a house. The experimental device was composed of two plastic chambers as new and old harborages, and a connecting pipe, 90 or 250 cm in length. Proportions of adults immigrated into the new harborage was observed for 3 weeks and compared between female and male under different conditions of food and water arrangement and light conditions. After 3 days of acclimatization period in the harborage a new harborage was connected vertically by a vinyl tube. When the new harborage was under the light condition of 16L : 8D and food and water were placed both the old and new harborage, no females moved into the new harborage, while almost 50% of males moved by the end of experiment. A few females (about 10%) moved into the new harborage in an experiment where food and water were place only in the new harborage. When the whole system was under the dark condition, vertical movement of females became active and approximately 25% of females and 50% of males moved into the new harborage. When the distance between the 2 harborage was increased to 250 cm, approximately 40% of both males and females moved into the new harborages. These results indicated the active vertical movement of cockroaches and different behavioral responses between females and males to the light conditions and the arrangement of food and water.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
(original language: Japanese)
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