Mecaphesa celer (predator)

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Mecaphesa celer (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Judy Gallagher
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mecaphesa celer (predator) (Hentz, 1847) - (swift crab spider)

This crab spider is found in North America, where it preys on a large variety of insects. These include pest species like whiteflies or aphids. For example, in cotton, it has been recorded to have a negative association with Bemisia tabaci, indicating it is a key predator of whiteflies (Vandervoet et al., 2018).

The spiders hunt during the night. The carapace of females is around 1.5 mm wide, but males are smaller. The colouration is yellowish brown or yellowish white with darker marks on the sides of the cephalothorax.

Misumenops celer