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larvae of Matsucoccus feytaudi on Pinus pinaster (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): SRPV, Nice Archive, Les Services Régionaux de la Protection des Végétaux
Source: IPM Images

Matsucoccus Cockerell, 1909

The genus contains more than 20 species of scale-like insects. They live under the bark or in cracks of the trunk and branches of pine trees or at the base of the needles. Several species are important pests, causing serious damage. Outbreaks have killed entire stands of pine trees.

The first instar larvae are mobile and disperse. The second instars lack legs and antennae. They are often the overwintering stage and have a hard integument. Females develop from the 2nd stage nymphs and produce a woolly cover. Males pass through two additional instars, a mobile prepupa and a sessile pupa. The adult males have wings.

Females are 3-6 mm long with 9-segmented antennae, 2-segmented tarsi and 7 pairs of abdominal spiracles. The genus has existed for more than 140 million years.

Type species: Matsucoccus matsumurae

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: