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Matsucoccus pini - adult female, larval stage and damage on bark (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Robert Dzwonkowski
Source: IPM Images

Matsucoccidae - (pine bast scales)

This family contains around 40 species of scale-like insects feeds on conifers, under the bark, in cracks of the bark or at the base of needle bunches. With few exceptions only pine trees are infested and several species are important pests of pines like Matsucoccus feytaudi in southern Europe, M. josephi in the Near East and M. matsumurae in eastern Asia and other regions. Outbreaks may cause considerable injury and result in chlorosis, needle drop and death of young trees.

The adult females are elongated and oval, 3 to 7 mm long with large antennae. Females have 3 stages (crawler, legless cyst and adult), males have 5 with the additional legged prepupa and pupa, the latter in a wax cocoon. The family is characterized by a number of morphological characters like rows of large simple dorsal pores on the abdomen.

The following genera are currently entered under this family: