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Publications of Marco Pombi

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2018) 32, 372-377
M. Calzetta, E. Perugini, G. Seixas, C.A. Sousa, W.M. Guelbeogo, N. Sagnon, A. Della Torre, J. Pinto, M. Pombi and E. Mancini (2018)
A novel nested polymerase chain reaction assay targeting Plasmodium mitochondrial DNA in field-collected Anopheles mosquitoes

Evolutionary Applications (2017) 10, 1102-1120
Marco Pombi, Pierre Kengne, Geoffrey Gimonneau, Billy Tene-Fossog, Diego Ayala, Colince Kamdem, Federica Santolamazza, Wamdaogo Moussa Guelbeogo, N'Falé Sagnon, Vincenzo Petrarca, Didier Fontenille, Nora J. Besansky, Christophe Antonio-Nkondjio, Roch Kounbobr Dabiré, Alessandra della Torre, Frédéric Simard and Carlo Costantini (2017)
Dissecting functional components of reproductive isolation among closely related sympatric species of the Anopheles gambiae complex

BMC Malaria Journal (2017) 16 (106) - Preliminary survey on ...
Leabaneng Tawe, Pleasure Ramatlho, Kelebogile Waniwa, Charles W. Muthoga, Ntebaleng Makate, Davis S. Ntebela, Isaac K. Quaye, Marco Pombi and Giacomo Maria Paganotti (2017)
Preliminary survey on Anopheles species distribution in Botswana shows the presence of Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles funestus complexes

Molecular Ecology (2016) 25, 5719-5731
Beniamino Caputo, Verena Pichler, Emiliano Mancini, Marco Pombi, José L. Vicente, Joao Dinis, Keith Steen, Vincenzo Petrarca, Amabelia Rodrigues, Joao Pinto, Alessandra della Torre and David Weetman (2016)
The last bastion? X chromosome genotyping of Anopheles gambiae species pair males from a hybrid zone reveals complex recombination within the major candidate 'genomic island of speciation'

BMC Malaria Journal (2015) 14 (161) - Evaluation of a protocol for ...
Marco Pombi, Wamdaogo M. Guelbeogo, Maria Calzetta, N'Fale Sagnon, Vincenzo Petrarca, Vincenzo La Gioia and Alessandra della Torre (2015)
Evaluation of a protocol for remote identification of mosquito vector species reveals BG-Sentinel trap as an efficient tool for Anopheles gambiae outdoor collection in Burkina Faso

Parasites and Vectors (2015) 8 (462) - Comparative evaluation of the ...
Katharina S. Kreppel, P.C.D. Johnson, N.J. Govella, M. Pombi, D. Maliti and H.M. Ferguson (2015)
Comparative evaluation of the Sticky-Resting-Box-Trap, the standardised resting-bucket-trap and indoor aspiration for sampling malaria vectors

Parasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (247) - The Sticky Resting Box, a new ...
Marco Pombi, Wamdaogo M. Guelbeogo, Katharina Kreppel, Maria Calzetta, Alphonse Traoré, Antoine Sanou, Hilary Ranson, Heather M. Ferguson, N'Fale Sagnon and Alessandra della Torre (2014)
The Sticky Resting Box, a new tool for studying resting behaviour of Afrotropical malaria vectors

Parasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (580) - Field evaluation of a novel ...
Marco Pombi, Frans Jacobs, Niels O. Verhulst, Beniamino Caputo, Alessandra della Torre and Willem Takken (2014)
Field evaluation of a novel synthetic odour blend and of the synergistic role of carbon dioxide for sampling host-seeking Aedes albopictus adults in Rome, Italy

Journal of Vector Ecology (2013) 38, 326-329
Andrea Drago, Simone Martini, Christian Vettorato, Marco Pombi and Moreno Dutto (2013)
The presence of white eggs in the monitoring of Aedes albopictus ( Diptera: Culicidae) by ovitraps

Parasites and Vectors (2012) 5 (65) - Behavioural responses of ...
Geoffrey Gimonneau, Marco Pombi, Roch K. Dabiré, Abdoulaye Diabaté, Serge Morand and Frédéric Simard (2012)
Behavioural responses of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto M and S molecular form larvae to an aquatic predator in Burkina Faso

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2012) 26, 9-17
G. Gimonneau, M. Pombi, M. Choisy, S. Morand, R.K. Dabiré and F. Simard (2012)
Larval habitat segregation between the molecular forms of the mosquito Anopheles gambiae in a rice field area of Burkina Faso, West Africa

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2010) 24, 361-368
F. Marini, F. Caputo, M. Pombi, G. Tarsitani and A. Della Torre (2010)
Study of Aedes albopictus dispersal in Rome, Italy, using sticky traps in mark-release-recapture experiments

Molecular Ecology (2008) 17, 2491-2504
Bryan J. Cassone, Karine Mouline, Matthew W. Hahn, Bradley J. White, Marco Pombi, Frederic Simard, Carlo Costantini and Nora J. Besansky (2008)
Differential gene expression in incipient species of Anopheles gambiae

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2007) 21, 183-195
L. Facchinelli, L. Valerio, M. Pombi, P. Reiter, C. Costantini and A. della Torre (2007)
Development of a novel sticky trap for container-breeding mosquitoes and evaluation of its sampling properties to monitor urban populations of Aedes albopictus