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Publications of Manfred Heinlein (14 listed):

Molecular Plant Pathology (2019) 20, 1203-1210
Annette Niehl and Manfred Heinlein (2019)
Perception of double-stranded RNA in plant antiviral immunity

Molecular Plant Pathology (2016) 17, 973-984
Cèlia Guiu-Aragonés, María Amelia Sánchez-Pina, Juan Antonio Díaz-Pendón, Eduardo J. Peña, Manfred Heinlein and Ana Montserrat Martín-Hernández (2016)
cmv1 is a gate for Cucumber mosaic virus transport from bundle sheath cells to phloem in melon

The Plant Journal (2013) 75, 290-308
Annette Niehl, Eduardo J. Peña, Khalid Amari and Manfred Heinlein (2013)
Microtubules in viral replication and transport

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2013) 26, 1271-1280
Camilla Julie Kørner, Dominik Klauser, Annette Niehl, Ana Domínguez-Ferreras, Delphine Chinchilla, Thomas Boller, Manfred Heinlein and Dagmar R. Hann (2013)
The immunity regulator BAK1 contributes to resistance against diverse RNA viruses

The Plant Journal (2010) 62, 171-177
Emmanuel Boutant, Pascal Didier, Annette Niehl, Yves Mély, Christophe Ritzenthaler and Manfred Heinlein (2010)
Fluorescent protein recruitment assay for demonstration and analysis of in vivo protein interactions in plant cells and its application to Tobacco mosaic virus movement protein

Journal of Virology (2007) 81, 10379-10388
Hannes Vogler, Rashid Akbergenov, Padubidri V. Shivaprasad, Vy Dang, Monika Fasler, Myoung-Ok Kwon, Saule Zhanybekova, Thomas Hohn and Manfred Heinlein (2007)
Modification of small RNAs associated with suppression of RNA silencing by tobamovirus replicase protein

The Plant Journal (2007) 51, 589-603
Vitaly Boyko, Quanan Hu, Mark Seemanpillai, Jamie Ashby and Manfred Heinlein (2007)
Validation of microtubule-associated Tobacco mosaic virus RNA movement and involvement of microtubule-aligned particle trafficking

Journal of Virology (2006) 80, 6712-6715
Mark Seemanpillai, Rabab Elamawi, Christophe Ritzenthaler and Manfred Heinlein (2006)
Challenging the role of microtubules in Tobacco mosaic virus movement by drug treatments is disputable

Journal of Virology (2006) 80, 8329-8344
Jamie Ashby, Emmanuel Boutant, Mark Seemanpillai, Adrian Sambade, Christophe Ritzenthaler and Manfred Heinlein (2006)
Tobacco mosaic virus movement protein functions as a structural microtubule-associated protein

Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 3974-3980
Vitaly Boyko, Jamie Alan Ashby, Elena Suslova, Jacqueline Ferralli, Oliver Sterthaus, Carl M. Deom and Manfred Heinlein (2002)
Intramolecular complementing mutations in Tobacco mosaic virus movement protein confirm a role for microtubule association in viral RNA transport

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2001) 14, 895-904
Guy Kotlizky, Aviva Katz, Jessica van der Laak, Vitaly Boyko, Moshe Lapidot, Roger N. Beachy, Manfred Heinlein and Bernard L. Epel (2001)
A dysfunctional movement protein of Tobacco mosaic virus interferes with targeting of wild-type movement protein to microtubules

Journal of Virology (2000) 74, 11339-11346
Vitaly Boyko, Jessica van der Laak, Jacqueline Ferralli, Elena Suslova, Myoung-Ok Kwon and Manfred Heinlein (2000)
Cellular targets of functional and dysfunctional mutants of Tobacco mosaic virus movement protein fused to green fluorescent protein

The Plant Journal (1998) 15, 15-25
Theodore W. Kahn, Moshe Lapidot, Manfred Heinlein, Christoph Reichel, Bret Cooper, Ron Gafny and Roger N. Beachy (1998)
Domains of the TMV movement protein involved in subcellular localization

The Plant Journal (1998) 14, 345-351
Manfred Heinlein, Malcolm R. Wood, Teresa Thiel and Roger N. Beachy (1998)
Targeting and modification of prokaryotic cell-cell junctions by Tobacco mosaic virus cell-to-cell movement protein