Letters in Applied Microbiology (2001) 33, 397-401

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P.-H. Wang, H.S. Lo and Y. Yeh (2001)
Identification of F. o. cucumerinum and F. o. luffae by RAPD-generated DNA probes
Letters in Applied Microbiology 33 (5), 397-401
Abstract: Aims: To create a fast, sensitive and specific method for identifying Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum and F. o. luffae.
Methods and Results: Specific DNA bands were selected as probes from RAPD profiles of 13 formae speciales of F. oxysporum. The forma specialis-specific probe OPC18300c and OPC18520f could be used to identify F. o. cucumerinum and F. o. luffae by RAPD-PCR followed dot blot hybridization, respectively
Conclusions: A specific method for identifying F. o. cucumerinum and F. o. luffae was achieved.
Significance and Impact of the Study: F. oxysporum formae speciales identification with a DNA probe can be relatively rapid and provides a method to identify the pathogen without host inoculation tests.
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