Letters in Applied Microbiology (2001) 32, 63-66

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S.G. Edwards and B. Seddon (2001)
Selective media for the specific isolation and enumeration of Botrytis cinerea conidia
Letters in Applied Microbiology 32 (2), 63-66
Abstract: Aims: To develop selective media for the enumeration of Botrytis cinerea.
Methods and Results: Two new media, Botrytis Selective Medium (BSM) and Botrytis Spore Trap Medium (BSTM), were developed and compared with currently available media for the enumeration of B. cinerea conidia from the environment. The new Botrytis media proved advantageous over previous media because they were easier to prepare, had greater selectivity and allowed enumeration when a greater number of colony-forming units were present on individual plates.
Conclusions: BSM and BSTM were shown to be suitable selective media for the enumeration of B. cinerea conidia from the environment.
Significance and Impact of the Study: The media developed can be used to monitor the population of the pathogen B. cinerea and will allow detailed studies within the crop environments.
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