Journal of the Australian Entomological Society (1994) 33, 25-26

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I.D. Fanning and B.H. Kay (1994)
Mosquito collections and a virus isolation from Lake Nuga Nuga, central Queensland (Diptera: Culicidae)
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 33 (1), 25-26
Abstract: During April-June 1977 mosquito collections were made at Lake Nuga Nuga, south of Rolleston. A total of 37 male and 533 female mosquitoes were collected using human bait or as resting adults. 99% were either Anopheles annulipes s.l. or Aedes vittiger. the female mosquitoes were processed for virus isolation and Parkers Farm virus was isolated from a pool of Ae vittiger.
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Culex quinquefasciatus Australia (NT+QLD)
Culex annulirostris Australia (NT+QLD)
Anopheles amictus Australia (NT+QLD)
Anopheles annulipes Australia (NT+QLD)
Aedes vittiger Australia (NT+QLD)