Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (1999) 15, 74-76

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P.E.R. Dale, S.A. Ritchie, H. Chapman and M.D. Brown (1999)
Eggshell sampling: Quantitative or qualitative data?
Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 15 (1), 74-76
Abstract: This research evaluated the use of qualitative presence/absence data compared with quantitative real number counts of Aedes vigilax eggshell data to obtain information on the spatial distribution of eggshells in several salt marsh vegetation types. Eggshells were extracted by subsampling and flotation, a method that does not recover all eggshells. The results of the analysis of presence/absence data were compared with those of real numbers. The general conclusions were similar by either method, suggesting that presence/absence data may be sufficient to rapidly determine eggshell distribution patterns.
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