Journal of Virology (2002) 76, 12747-12757

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Jong-Won Park, Bénédicte Desvoyes and Herman B. Scholthof (2002)
Tomato bushy stunt virus genomic RNA accumulation is regulated by interdependent cis-acting elements within the movement protein open reading frames
Journal of Virology 76 (24), 12747-12757
Abstract: This study on Tomato bushy stunt virus identified and defined three previously unknown regulatory sequences involved in RNA accumulation that are located within the 3'-proximal nested movement protein genes p22 and p19. The first is a 16-nucleotide (nt) element termed III-A that is positioned at the very 3' end of p22 and is essential for RNA accumulation. Approximately 300 nt upstream of III-A resides an ~ 80-nt inhibitory element (IE) that is obstructive to replication only in the absence of a third regulatory element of ~ 30 nt (SUR-III) that is positioned immediately upstream of III-A. Inspection of the nucleotide sequences predicted that III-A and SUR-III can form looped hairpins. A comparison of different tombusviruses showed, in each case, conservation for potential base pairing between the two predicted hairpin-loops. Insertion of a spacer adjacent to the predicted hairpins had no or a minimal effect on RNA accumulation, whereas an insertion in the putative III-A loop abolished genomic RNA multiplication. We conclude that the sequences composing the predicted III-A and SUR-III hairpin-loops are crucial for optimal RNA accumulation and that the inhibitory effect of IE surfaces when the alleged interaction between SUR-III and III-A is disturbed.
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