Journal of Vector Ecology (2013) 38, 197-199

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Fakhriedzwan Hj. Idris, Abdulai Usman, Sinnathamby N. Surendran and Ranjan Ramasamy (2013)
Detection of Aedes albopictus pre-imaginal stages in brackish water habitats in Brunei Darussalam
Journal of Vector Ecology 38 (1), 197-199
Abstract: Brackish stagnant water pools were surveyed in Brunei Darussalam for Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti larvae and pupae. Ae. albopictus was detected in 6 locations. Aedes aegypti is common in the area in fresh water containers around houses, but was not found in the brackish water samples.
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Aedes albopictus Brunei
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