Journal of Vector Ecology (2003) 28, 255-266

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K. Rydzanicz and E. Lonc (2003)
Species composition and seasonal dynamics of mosquito larvae in the Wroclaw, Poland area
Journal of Vector Ecology 28 (2), 255-266
Abstract: A total of 13,214 larvae specimens. representing eight species (Culex pipiens, Culiseta annulata, Ochlerotatus cantans, Ochlerotatus communis, Ochlerotatus excrucians, Ochlerotatus sticticus, Aedes vexans, and Anopheles maculipennis) from twelve sampling places in the Wroclaw area in Poland were collected between May and October, 1998-2000. The development rate of each mosquito species depended on hydrological types and various plant communities in water bodies. The water quality (temperature, pH and ion concentration) influenced mosquito larvae dynamics as well. The most abundant and constant species was Cx. pipiens. Its monthly population was significantly higher in the water bodies located in the city center as compared to those in the suburbs.
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Culex pipiens Poland
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