Journal of Plant Protection Research (2012) 52, 259-263

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Barbara Wilkaniec, Roslaw Lewandowski and Beata Borowiak-Sobkowiak (2012)
The effectiveness of catching aphids (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Aphidinea) in Moericke and light traps
Journal of Plant Protection Research 52 (2), 259-263
Abstract: The studies were conducted in an urban greenery area of Poznan, Poland to compare the effectiveness of Moericke colour traps and light traps used to catch aphids. The combined methods yielded 61 aphid species from the area. The light trap caught 51 species, while 44 species were caught using the Moericke trap. Over 4,000 specimens were collected with each method separately.
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Myzus persicae Poland
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Capitophorus elaeagni Poland
Phorodon humuli Poland
Euceraphis betulae Poland
Tinocallis platani Poland
Eucallipterus tiliae Poland
Chaitophorus leucomelas Poland
Drepanosiphum platanoidis Poland
Anoecia corni Poland