Journal of Plant Protection Research (2010) 50, 551-553

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Tomasz Klejdysz and Jan Nawrot (2010)
First record of outdoor occurrence of stored-product Coleopterans in arable landscape in Poland
Journal of Plant Protection Research 50 (4), 551-553
Abstract: 70 samples of insects caught in a Johnson suction trap were taken during the vegetative period in2009. The trap was sited in the Experimental Station Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute in Winna Góra, Poland. The samples contained 2 869 beetles (Coleoptera) of which 393 (13.7%) are known as stored product pests. 63 specimens of beetle Rhizopertha dominica (F.) were caught. It is the first recorded occurrence in Poland of such an economically important stored product pest isolated outside the storage environment.
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Tribolium castaneum Poland
Rhyzopertha dominica Poland
Ahasverus advena Poland
Typhaea stercorea Poland
Stegobium paniceum Poland
Trogoderma glabrum Poland
Cryptolestes ferrugineus Poland
Alphitobius diaperinus Poland
Anthrenus museorum Poland