Journal of Plant Protection Research (2008) 48, 509-513

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Hristina Kutinkova, Jörg Samietz and Vasiliy Dzhuvinov (2008)
Combination of mating disruption and granulosis virus for control of codling moth in Bulgaria
Journal of Plant Protection Research 48 (4), 509-513
Abstract: An application of mating disruption by use of Ecodian CP dispensers (ISAGRO, Italy) in combination with the granulosis virus product Carpovirusine 2000 (Arysta LifeScience, France) against Codling moth (CM), Cydia pomonella, was tested near Plovdiv, Central South Bulgaria. In 2007, the method was applied in an orchard where in the previous year fruit damage reached 18.7% and the CM population was high, as indicated by 3.83 diapausing larvae per tree. Carpovirusine was applied 11 times in the trial plot in combination with Ecodian CP dispensers installed twice during the season. Before harvest, fruit damage in the trial plot amounted to 0.9% and the overwintering population in autumn 2007 was only 0.46 larvae per tree. At the same time in the reference orchard, where 15 insecticide treatments were applied during the season, fruit damage before harvest reached 12.3% and the hibernating population was 7.97 larvae per tree. So, it has been confirmed that combination of both methods might be an effective tool for control of codling moth in the orchards with high population density and resistance to conventional insecticides. This study is being continued.
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