Journal of Plant Protection Research (2001) 41, 116-130

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Lidia Zielinska and Henryk Pospieszny (2001)
Ultrastructural changes in leaf cells infected with arabis mosaic nepovirus - I. in bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Journal of Plant Protection Research 41 (2), 116-130
Abstract: Two experimental methods were used in the study. The aim of the first one was focused on a detection of Arabis mosaic nepovirus (ArMV) particles and tubules with viruses in extracts obtained from crushed leaves of bean. The second one consisted of investigations on ultrastructural changes occuring in the bean leaf tissues with symptoms caused by ArMV. Characteristic membranous inclusions in the cytoplasm were observed and described. ArMV occured either as irregularly scattered particles in the cytoplasm, crystal-like aggregates or semi-concentric and concentric layers.
Not numerous but sometimes very long tubules with viruses were mainly observed near the cell wall. Protrusion of the cell wall into the protoplast very often containing viruses in the plasmodesmata were observed many times. Plasmalemmasomes were frequently situated near the cell wall.
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