Journal of Plant Pathology (2019) 101, 885-895

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Larissa J. Osterbaan and Marc Fuchs (2019)
Dynamic interactions between plant viruses and their hosts for symptom development
Journal of Plant Pathology 101 (4), 885-895
Abstract: As obligate intracellular parasites, plant viruses catalyze drastic alterations in the cellular physiology of host cells in order to support their own replication. This disruption often, but not always, manifests macroscopically as disease symptoms. The search for what distinguishes symptom-inducing virus strains from their asymptomatic counterparts has long been a central component of plant virology research. A consistent through line has been the conclusion that symptoms arise from specific interactions between viral and host components. The identification of viral components responsible for symptom development (i.e. viral symptom determinants) followed by the identification and characterization of interactions with host components has led to concrete mechanistic linkages between the viral and host interactants for some symptoms. The rise of systems biology approaches (e.g. transcriptomics and proteomics) has allowed host responses to be described in greater detail, providing a broad view of the molecular events of plant virus infections. Here, we review the most recent literature describing plant virus symptom determinants. This includes studies detailing specific virus-host interactions which lead to symptom development, as well as those which utilize systems biology approaches such as transcriptomics to probe the molecular changes underlying the development of virus symptoms. Emerging trends, and how they might inform the future of plant virus symptomatology research, are discussed.
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