Journal of Plant Pathology (2012) 94, S97-S104

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T. Campillo, C. Lavire, M. Shams, J.F. Pothier and J. Pulawska (2012)
Detection and identification methods and new tests as developed and used in the framework of COST873 for bacteria pathogenic to stone fruits and nuts - tumorigenic Agrobacterium spp.
Journal of Plant Pathology 94 (1, Suppl.), S97-S104
Abstract: Crown gall, caused by bacteria belonging to different species of the genus Agrobacterium, is one of the most serious diseases affecting nursery production of fruit trees and nuts. From a practical point of view, determination if the soil of fields designated for nursery plantations is free from tumour-inducing agrobacteria is very important. During the infection process, after transfer of bacterial DNA to the plant cell, the presence of bacteria is no longer required for gall development. Therefore, infections caused by Agrobacterium remain difficult to detect although many methods are available for diagnosis of crown gall and identification of agrobacteria. In the present minireview, methods for isolation, identification and detection of tumorigenic agrobacteria developed within COST873 are described and ready-touse protocols based on both classical or molecular methods are provided.
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