Journal of Phytopathology (2012) 160, 163-165

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Wulf Menzel, Joachim Hamacher, Sandra Weissbrodt and Stephan Winter (2012)
Complete nucleotide sequence of the RNA 3 of Bacopa chlorosis virus and production of polyclonal antibodies to a recombinant coat protein
Journal of Phytopathology 160 (3), 163-165
Abstract: The complete sequence of the RNA 3 of a virus causing chlorosis in Impatiens in Germany was determined and identified as an isolate of Bacopa chlorosis virus (BaCV, genus Ilarvirus). BaCV has previously only been reported from bacopa in the USA, but no coat protein (CP) sequence has been previously available. Both RNA 3 encoded proteins, CP and movement protein, showed highest sequence identity to Parietaria mottle virus, a subgroup 1 ilarvirus. Attempts to purify BaCV failed, so an antiserum was raised against a recombinant CP. The polyclonal antiserum so produced allowed specific detection of BaCV but showed no serological cross-reaction with other ilarviruses and was unsuitable for immunoelectron microscopy. The host range includes many important flowering plant species, highlighting the potential threat BaCV might pose for the horticultural industry. This is the first report of BaCV occurring in Germany and outside the US.
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Bacopa chlorosis virus Impatiens (crop) Germany