Journal of Phytopathology (2011) 159, 6-11

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André Gomes Coelho Souza, Fabrício Ávila Rodrigues, Luiz Antônio Maffia and Eduardo Seiti Gomide Mizubuti (2011)
Infection process of Cercospora coffeicola on coffee leaf
Journal of Phytopathology 159 (1), 6-11
Abstract: Brown eye spot, caused by Cercospora coffeicola, is an important disease of coffee. Both adaxial and abaxial leaf surfaces were inoculated with a conidial suspension of C. coffeicola. Samples were collected from 4 to 168 h after inoculation and then again at 35 days. Germinated conidia showed positive tropism to stomata where attempted penetrations occurred. Appressoria were not observed. After penetration, C. coffeicola colonized the lacunous parenchyma both inter and intracellularly. Sporulation occurred through or around the stomata. Results from this study provide new insights into the infection process of C. coffeicola on coffee leaf.
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