Journal of Phytopathology (2004) 152, 145-152

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M. Bertamini, K. Muthuchelian and N. Nedunchezhian (2004)
Effect of grapevine leafroll on the photosynthesis of field grown grapevine plants (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Lagrein)
Journal of Phytopathology 152 (3), 145-152
Abstract: We have studied the effect of grapevine leafroll infection on some features of the thylakoids from field grown grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) leaves. Changes in photosynthetic pigments, soluble proteins, ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase (RuBP), nitrate reductase, photosynthetic activities and thylakoid membrane proteins were investigated. The level of total chlorophyll (Chl) and carotenoids were reduced in virus-infected leaves. Similar results were also observed for soluble proteins and RuBP case activity. The in vivo nitrate reductase activity was significantly reduced in infected leaves. Virus infection considerably decreased leaf net photosynthetic rate (Pn), stomatal conductance (gs) and transpiration rate (E) in grapevine leaves. When various photosynthetic activities were followed in isolated thylakoids, virus infection caused marked inhibition of whole chain and photosystem (PS) II activity while the inhibition of PSI activity was only marginal. The artificial exogenous electron donors, diphenyl carbazide and hydroxylamine (NH2OH) significantly restored the loss of PSII activity in infected leaves. The same results were obtained when Fv/Fm was evaluated by Chl fluorescence measurements. The marked loss of PSII activity in infected leaves could be due to the loss of 47, 43, 33, 28-25, 23 and 17 kDa polypeptides. It is concluded that virus infection inactivates the donor side of PSII. This conclusion was confirmed by immunological studies showing that the content of the 33 kDa protein of the water-splitting complex was diminished significantly in infected leaves.
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