Journal of Orthoptera Research (2015) 24, 1-5

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Mathew L. Brust and W. Wyatt Hoback (2015)
Range extension for Melanoplus punctulatus (Uhler) (Acrididae) in western Nebraska collected on green ash
Journal of Orthoptera Research 24 (1), 1-5
Abstract: Melanoplus punctulatus (Uhler) occurs only in the USA and Canada, where its current known distribution extends west only to the eastern quarter of the Great Plains States. In 2014, we discovered two new populations of M. punctulatus in the Pine Ridge area of western Nebraska. This discovery extends the known range of this species westward by over 600 km. The species appears to be strongly associated with green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) in the western part of its range. Our results suggest that M. punctulatus may have been previously overlooked, due to its behavior and crypsis, and may actually occur across much of the Great Plains in woodland areas.
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Melanoplus punctulatus Ash (Fraxinus) U.S.A. (mid N)