Journal of Orthoptera Research (2003) 12, 115-126

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R.G. Bland and L. Desutter-Grandcolas (2003)
An annotated list of Orthoptera from St Eustatius and Saba, Dutch West Indies, with descriptions of two new cricket species (Trigonidiidae, Mogoplistidae)
Journal of Orthoptera Research 12 (2), 115-126
Abstract: Orthopteran species on the Lesser Antilles islands of St Eustatius and Saba are poorly known. Recent field surveys and examinations of museum collections revealed 24 species separated into the following families: Acrididae, 6; Tettigoniidae, 6; Gryllidae, 2; Mogoplistidae; 1; Oecanthidae, 1; Phalangopsidae, 2; Podoscirtidae, 5; Trigonidiidae, 1. Seven species are new, 2 of which are described herein (Mogoplistidae: Cycloptilum eustatiensis; Trigonidiidae: Cyrtoxipha orientalis). Crickets alone are represented by 12 species. Among all species, 1 is cosmopolitan, 2 are neotropical, 4 are distributed in most of the Caribbean region, 5 occur in one or several provinces located in the Greater Antilles, and 12 are distributed in the Lesser Antilles province only. Among these last species, 8 could be endemic to St Eustatius and/or Saba. Species diversity and distribution patterns are discussed in relation to island habitats and groupings.
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Schistocerca pallens Netherlands Antilles
Schistocerca nitens Netherlands Antilles
Gryllodes sigillatus Netherlands Antilles
Gryllus assimilis Netherlands Antilles
Neoconocephalus triops Netherlands Antilles
Microcentrum triangulatum Netherlands Antilles
Conocephalus cinereus Netherlands Antilles
Orphulella punctata Netherlands Antilles