Journal of Medical Entomology (2004) 41, 74-77

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Larry G. Arlian, Marjorie S. Morgan, Stephen A. Estes, Shelley F. Walton, David J. Kemp and Bart J. Currie (2004)
Circulating IgE in patients with ordinary and crusted scabies
Journal of Medical Entomology 41 (1), 74-77
Abstract: Serum from seven patients with ordinary scabies and six with crusted scabies were screened by immunoblotting for IgE- and IgG-specific proteins in an extract of the mite, Sarcoptes scabiei variety canis. Sera from atopic individuals without sensitivity to house dust mites were used as controls. Serum from all of the patients with crusted scabies showed strong IgE binding to 11-21 and IgG binding to 1-7 scabies proteins. In contrast, three of the seven patients with ordinary scabies showed IgE binding to one to six scabies proteins, and their antibody binding was much weaker. Patients with crusted scabies had serum antibody that reacted with larger molecular weight proteins compared with patients with ordinary scabies. The results of this study indicate that patients with crusted scabies showed a pronounced IgE response to scabies mites, whereas patients with ordinary scabies did not.
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