Journal of Medical Entomology (1998) 35, 977-979

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Christian Luz, Ionizete G. Silva, Celia M.T. Cordeiro and Myrian S. Tigano (1998)
Beauveria bassiana (Hyphomycetes) as a possible agent for biological control of Chagas disease vectors
Journal of Medical Entomology 35 (6), 977-979
Abstract: Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin (isolate CG306) was tested on 3rd instars of 9 Triatoma spp., 4 Rhodnius spp., 2 Panstrongylus spp. and Dipetalogaster maxima (Uhler) at 25°C and 50% RH. Quantitative sporulation of the fungus on cadavers was studied at 25°C and 97% RH. Mortality, estimates of survival time, and conidial production on cadavers differed significantly among the genera and species tested. Panstrongylus herreri Wygodzinsky, Dipetalogaster maxima, Triatoma picturata Usinger, Rhodnius robustus Larrousse, Rhodnius prolixus Stål, Triatoma infestans (Klug), and Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva were most susceptible to fungal infection. Most conidia per cadaver were produced on Triatoma williami Galvão, Souza and Lima and Triatoma lecticularia (Stål). Results indicate that B. bassiana (CC306) might be a candidate for control of important or potential vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi using the fungus as a bioinsecticide.
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Rhodnius prolixus
Triatoma infestans
Panstrongylus lignarius
Dipetalogaster maximus
Triatoma picturata
Rhodnius robustus
Triatoma brasiliensis