Journal of Medical Entomology (1997) 34, 242-243

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Javier Lucientes, Monserrat Ferrer-Dufol, Maria J. Andres, Miguel A. Peribañez, Maria J. Gracia-Salinas and Juan A. Castillo (1997)
Canine myiasis by sheep bot fly (Diptera: Oestridae)
Journal of Medical Entomology 34 (2), 242-243
Abstract: We present a case of canine infestation by 3rd instars of Oestrus ovis (L.) in a 10-yr-old cross-bred dog (Collie X German Shepherd) from Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. This report confirms that this fly can develop in dogs.
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Oestrus ovis Spain (Canary Is.)