Journal of Insect Science (2008) 8 (4), p. 38 (Palumbo et al.)

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J.C. Palumbo, P.C. Ellsworth, A. Fournier, T.J. Dennehy and R.L. Nichols (2008)
Cross-commodity guidelines for neonicotinoid insecticides in Arizona
Journal of Insect Science 8 (4), 38-38
in P. A. Stansly and C.L. McKenzie, organizers: Fourth International Bemisia Workshop - International Whitefly Genomics Workshop, December 3-8, 2006, Duck Key, Florida, USA
Abstract: Arizona is enjoying a sustained recovery from the devastating silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) outbreaks of the early 1990s. This success is built on an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy that includes the use of selective and effective chemistry. Admire has been a key soil insecticide, protecting vegetables and produce throughout Arizona, and is the first member of a burgeoning class of chemistry known as the neonicotinoids. New members of this valuable, reduced-risk, class of chemistry are now available to agricultural producers, placing a burden on users of these compounds to adopt science-based plans for sustaining their efficacy. This consensus document represents our best efforts to share this chemistry among different agricultural interests. Our goal is to preserve the long-term efficacy of the neonicotinoids and protect growers' interests in sustainable and economical whitefly management. Through identification of crop communities (i.e., 'multi-crop', 'cotton-intensive', and 'cotton/melon') common to Arizona agriculture, we have designed sensible plans of use that should allow access to this valuable chemistry for everyone, while protecting it from resistance.
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