Journal of Insect Science (2004) 4 (5), 1-6

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R.L. Koch, E.C. Burkness and W.D. Hutchison (2004)
Confirmation of the bean leaf beetle, Cerotoma trifurcata, feeding on cucurbits
Journal of Insect Science 4 (5), 1-6
Abstract: The objective of these studies was to assess the degree to which bean leaf beetle, Cerotoma trifurcata (Forster), will feed on cucurbits. In 2003, we documented an infestation of C. trifurcata in a commercial pumpkin field near Rosemount, MN, USA. To evaluate C. trifurcata feeding on cucurbits, we conducted laboratory no-choice and choice test feeding studies. In the laboratory, C. trifurcata fed most heavily on cotyledon-stage cucumber plants, followed by pumpkin and squash. With soybean plants present, C. trifurcata still fed on cucumber plants. However, C. trifurcata appeared to prefer soybeans until the quality of the soybean plants was diminished through feeding damage. This is the first known report of C. trifurcata feeding on cucurbits. The pest potential of C. trifurcata in cucurbit cropping systems should be further evaluated.
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Database assignments for author(s): Robert L. Koch, William (Bill) D. Hutchison, Eric C. Burkness

Research topic(s) for pests/diseases/weeds:
general biology - morphology - evolution

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Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Cerotoma trifurcata Soybean (Glycine max)
Cerotoma trifurcata Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)
Cerotoma trifurcata Squash/pumpkin (Cucurbita) U.S.A. (mid N)