Journal of General Virology (2017) 98, 352-354

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Stephen J. Wylie, Mike Adams, Celia Chalam, Jan Kreuze, Juan José López-Moya, Kazusato Ohshima, Shelly Praveen, Frank Rabenstein, Drake Stenger, Aiming Wang, F. Murilo Zerbini and ICTV Report Consortium (2017)
ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Potyviridae
Journal of General Virology 98 (3), 352-354
Abstract: The Potyviridae is the largest family of RNA plant viruses, members of which have single-stranded, positive-sense RNA genomes and flexuous filamentous particles 680–900 nm long and 11–20 nm wide. There are eight genera, distinguished by the host range, genomic features and phylogeny of the member viruses. Genomes range from 8.2 to 11.3 kb, with an average size of 9.7 kb. Most genomes are monopartite but those of members of the genus Bymovirus are bipartite. Some members cause serious disease epidemics in cultivated plants.
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