Journal of General Plant Pathology (2012) 78, 136-139

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Kazuya Ishikawa, Kensaku Maejima, Susumu Nagashima, Nobuo Sawamura, Yusuke Takinami, Ken Komatsu, Masayoshi Hashimoto, Yasuyuki Yamaji, Jun Yamamoto and Shigetou Namba (2012)
First report of Fig mosaic virus infecting common fig (Ficus carica) in Japan
Journal of General Plant Pathology 78 (2), 136-139
Abstract: For the first time, fig mosaic virus (FMV) was detected in common fig (Ficus carica) trees in Shimane, Japan. These trees exhibited mosaic, ringspots, or distortion, accompanied by chlorosis on leaves and yellow spots on fruits. Some of the symptomatic trees were infested with the eriophyid mite Aceria ficus. The virus was detected based on RT-PCR, followed by sequencing. The amplified 300 base-pair fragments shared 83.5-91.5% identity with the corresponding region of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene of FMV isolates previously reported in Turkey, Iran, and Italy.
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Aceria ficus Ficus (crop) Japan
Fig mosaic virus Ficus (crop) Japan