Journal of General Plant Pathology (2011) 77, 132-135

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Keisuke Tomioka, Yuuri Hirooka, Akane Takezaki, Takayuki Aoki and Toyozo Sato (2011)
Fusarium root rot of prairie gentian caused by a species belonging to the Fusarium solani species complex
Journal of General Plant Pathology 77 (2), 132-135
Abstract: Rotting of roots and stem bases and wilting of entire plants were found on a gentianaceous flowering plant, prairie gentian (Eustoma grandiflorum), grown in Kagawa Prefecture in the southwest region of Japan in April 2001. A mitosporic fungus, isolated repeatedly from the diseased plants, was identified as a species belonging to the clade 3 of Fusarium solani species complex based on the morphology and the sequence of the translation elongation factor gene. It was demonstrated to cause the disease by inoculating potted plants and reisolating the fungus from the diseased plants. We propose the name "Fusarium root rot of prairie gentian" for this disease.
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