Journal of General Plant Pathology (2000) 66, 335-344

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Hideki Takahashi, Mitsuhiro Sugiyama, Sukamto, Akira Karasawa, Shuu Hase and Yoshio Ehara (2000)
A variant of Cucumber mosaic virus is restricted to local lesions in inoculated tobacco leaves with a hypersensitive response
Journal of General Plant Pathology 66 (4), 335-344
Abstract: A variant of Cucumber mosaic virus, CMV(Y/GM2), was isolated from a tobacco plant with mild green mosaic symptoms that was regenerated in vitro from a yellow strain of CMV [CMV(Y)]-infected tobacco leaves by tissue culture. CMV(Y/GM2) has two amino acid substitutions at 36 and 111 positions in the coat protein encoded on RNA3. CMV, assembled by mixing in vitro transcribed CMV(Y) RNA1 and RNA2 plus infectious RNA3 transcribed in vitro from cDNA to RNA3 of CMV(Y/GM2), was prepared and designated as CMV(Y/GM2)tr. When tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi nc) plants were inoculated with CMV(Y/GM2)tr, large necrotic local lesions in which the virus was localized, developed on the inoculated leaves. This host response unique to CMV(Y/GM2)tr was similar to the hypersensitive response (HR), which is a common resistance response to avirulent pathogens and was observed in five cultivars of Nicotiana tabacum and eight Nicotiana species. The revertant virus, however, accumulated to quite different levels in the various hosts. CMV(Y/GM2)tr induced pathogenesis-related 1 (PR-1) protein accumulation and systemic acquired resistance (SAR) which were generally observed in the HR. However, when tobaccos were inoculated with CMV(S36P)tr and CMV(V111I)tr, which have an amino acid substitution at either the 36 or 111 position in the coat protein of CMV(Y), respectively, CMV(S36P)tr was restricted to the primary infection site without necrotic local lesion formation and PR-1 protein and SAR induction. CMV(V111I)tr, however, systemically spread and induced mild green mosaic symptoms, while the host had the HR to CMV(Y/GM2)tr. The localization of CMV(Y/GM2)tr at the primary infection site may not only be caused by the HR, but also by the restriction of virus systemic movement resulting from the amino acid substitution at position 36 in the coat protein of CMV(Y).
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