Journal of General Plant Pathology (2000) 66, 242-250

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Yutaka Chida, Kazuyuki Okazaki, Akira Karasawa, Kayoko Akashi, Yoshiko Nakazawa-Nasu, Shuu Hase, Hideki Takahashi and Yoshio Ehara (2000)
Isolation of molecular markers linked to the Cry locus conferring resistance to Cucumber mosaic cucumovirus infection in cowpea
Journal of General Plant Pathology 66 (3), 242-250
Abstract: We previously demonstrated that cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] cultivar Kurodane-Sanjaku contains the Cry gene, which confers resistance against Cucumber mosaic cucumovirus infection. In this paper, randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis was carried out to tag the Cry locus. Bulked segregant analysis for RAPD resulted in many polymorphisms in amplified DNA patterns. Candidates were further screened using parental and/or F2 cowpea DNAs. As a result, we obtained three RAPD markers, D13/E14-350, WA3-850 and OPE3-500, flanking the Cry locus. In addition, we amplified cowpea sequences coding for the putative nucleotide-binding site (NBS). Degenerate primers based on NBS sequences of tobacco N and Arabidopsis RPS2 disease resistance genes were used for polymerase chain reaction, and resultant products were cloned and sequenced. Among eight independent clones, cowpea resistance gene analog (CRGA) 5 showed a distinct polymorphism when used as a probe for restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis against the susceptible cowpea cultivar PI 189375 and a near-isogenic line for the Cry. Linkage analyses of these molecular markers showed that genetic distances of CRGA5, D13/E14-350, WA3-850 and OPE3-500 to the Cry locus were 0.7, 5.2, 11.5 and 24.5 cM, respectively.
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