Journal of Economic Entomology (2003) 96, 1814-1820

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Suzanne J. Wold and W.D. Hutchison (2003)
Phenology of Lygus lineolaris (Hemiptera: Miridae) in Minnesota june-bearing strawberries: comparison of sampling methods and habitats
Journal of Economic Entomology 96 (6), 1814-1820
Abstract: Field studies were conducted in southeastern Minnesota from 2000 to 2002 to determine the phenology of Lygus lineolaris in various habitats and to compare yellow and white sticky traps as a sampling method for adult L. lineolaris. Strawberry fields were sampled for L. lineolaris adults using yellow sticky traps, and nymphs were sampled using the standard white pan beat method. Adult L. lineolaris abundance in alfalfa, an adjacent fence-row, and a wooded habitat were also compared. The nonlinear relationship between cumulative trap catch and cumulative degree-days was modeled with a two-parameter cumulative Weibull function to predict early-season adult capture using yellow sticky traps. Adult L. lineolaris were detected in bearing-year strawberries at the onset of vegetative growth in all years. Yellow sticky traps caught significantly higher densities of adult L. lineolaris than white sticky traps. The Weibull model predicted 50% capture at 10 DD (>12.4°C), which corresponds to the vegetative strawberry growth stage. L. lineolaris nymphs were not detected until the blossom stage. Alfalfa harbored significantly higher densities of L. lineolaris than other habitats during early-season sampling (i.e., March-June). Late-season sampling (July-September) revealed significantly higher densities in bearing-year strawberries. These results suggest that monitoring at the onset of vegetative growth, using yellow sticky traps, will be an efficient method for detecting early L. lineolaris adult activity.
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