Journal of Economic Entomology (2000) 93, 368-373

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Ghislaine Majeau, Jacques Brodeur and Yves Carrière (2000)
Lawn parameters influencing abundance and distribution of the hairy chinch bug (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)
Journal of Economic Entomology 93 (2), 368-373
Abstract: Management of lawns that promotes conditions detrimental to the development of insect pests may represent a valuable environmentally benign turfgrass management strategy. In the cool-humid region of Quebec, Canada, we investigated 45 lawns infested with hairy chinch bug, Blissus leucopterus hirtus Montandon, to identify lawn parameters related to its distribution and abundance. Kentucky bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, and perennial ryegrass, respectively, accounted for 55.8, 19.6, and 9.3% of the grass species. Chinch bug population density was associated positively with abundance of perennial ryegrass, whereas it was marginally negatively related with the abundance of creeping bentgrass. An index of the severity of chinch bug infestation was obtained for each lawn by combining estimates of number of infested patches per lawn, average size of the patches, and chinch bug number per patch. The index was associated positively with abundance of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. There was evidence that abundance of creeping bentgrass was associated negatively with the number of infested patches per lawn, area of the patches, and number of chinch bugs within those patches. The number of infested patches increased, whereas patch area and chinch bug number per patch tended to decrease, when broad-leaf weeds were more abundant on a lawn. No significant relationship was found between thatch thickness and patterns of chinch bug abundance and distribution. These results suggest that management of lawns to respectively increase and decrease abundance of creeping bentgrass and perennial ryegrass could facilitate control of hairy chinch bug populations in cool-humid regions.
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Blissus leucopterus Lolium (crop) Canada (east)