Journal of Biopesticides (2010) 3, 622-623

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N.L. Naveena (2010)
Evaluation of biopesticides as neem product against field infestation of burchid Callosobruchus theobromae L. on field bean, Dolichos lablab
Journal of Biopesticides 3 (3), 622-623
Abstract: A field trial was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of biopesticides and neem products to control the field infestation of bruchids in Dolichos lablab. The fieldbean (cultivar HA3) seeds were sown in Randomized complete block design with eight treatments viz., Two Bt formulations (Haltand Dipel ), Pseudomonas sp., Neem oil, Neem seed kernel extract, Malathion and Spinosad with four replications. The 1st spray was given at the time of 60 percent formation of buds and flowers and the subsequent spray was given with an interval of 15days. The study revealed that spraying of NSKE (5%) resulted in good control of pulse beetle under field conditions. The mean per cent pod damage was significantly different between the treatments. NSKE (5%) recorded the lowest pod damage (4.64 %) when compared to Malathion (5.96%) and Spinosad (6.30%). However, they were significantly different from the others except Dipel (4.88%). Untreated control recorded highest pod damage (10.95%) followed by Pseudomonas sp. (8.88%). Significantly high yield was obtained in case of NSKE (12.19 q/ha) followed by Dipel (9.95 q/ha). However, lowest yield was in untreated control (7.55 q/ha).
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Callosobruchus theobromae Hyacinth bean (Lablab purpureus) India