Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (2002) 126, 212-216

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B.G. Johansson, O. Anderbrant and A. Sierpinski (2002)
Multispecies trapping of six pests of scots pine in Sweden and Poland
Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie 126 (5), 212-216
Abstract: Multispecies sex pheromone trapping (trapping of more than one species in the same trap) for the pine shoot moth Rhyacionia buoliana, the pine moth, Dendrolimus pini, the nun moth, Lymantria monacha, the pine beauty moth, Panolis flammea and the pine sawflies Diprion pini and Neodiprion sertifer was evaluated. The catch from traps baited with the pheromone of a single species was compared with the catch from traps baited with pheromones for several species. The catch in the multispecies traps was significantly reduced in comparison with the single species traps for Dendrolimus pini, L. monacha and N. sertifer. Neodiprion sertifer was most likely inhibited by the Diprion pini pheromone. A follow-up study of Dendrolimus pini and L. monacha showed no pheromonal interference between them. Further studies are needed to evaluate the feasibility of multispecies monitoring. However, for practical applications a slight decrease in catch, due to pheromonal interference, could probably be tolerated as long as the catch reflects total population density.
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Panolis flammea Pine (Pinus) Poland
Panolis flammea Pine (Pinus) Sweden
Neodiprion sertifer Pine (Pinus) Poland
Neodiprion sertifer Pine (Pinus) Sweden
Diprion pini Pine (Pinus) Poland
Diprion pini Pine (Pinus) Sweden
Lymantria monacha Pine (Pinus) Poland
Lymantria monacha Pine (Pinus) Sweden
Rhyacionia buoliana Pine (Pinus) Poland
Rhyacionia buoliana Pine (Pinus) Sweden
Dendrolimus pini Pine (Pinus) Poland
Dendrolimus pini Pine (Pinus) Sweden