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Publications of Joseph Jahier (16 listed):

Plant Breeding (2020) 139, 263-271
Olivier Coriton, Joseph Jahier, Marc Leconte, Virginie Huteau, Gwenn Trotoux, Françoise Dedryver and Claude de-Vallavieille-Pope (2020)
Double dose efficiency of the yellow rust resistance gene Yr17 in bread wheat lines

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2017) 130, 91-107
M. Pasquariello, J. Ham, C. Burt, J. Jahier, S. Paillard, C. Uauy and P. Nicholson (2017)
The eyespot resistance genes Pch1 and Pch2 of wheat are not homoeoloci

Phytopathology (2009) 99, 968-973
F. Dedryver, S. Paillard, S. Mallard, O. Robert, M. Trottet, S. Nègre, G. Verplancke and J. Jahier (2009)
Characterization of genetic components involved in durable resistance to stripe rust in the bread wheat 'Renan'

Plant Pathology (2009) 58, 807-814
J. Jahier, F. Chain, D. Barloy, A.-M. Tanguy, J. Lemoine, G. Riault, E. Margalé, M. Trottet and E. Jacquot (2009)
Effect of combining two genes for partial resistance to Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV (BYDV-PAV) derived from Thinopyrum intermedium in wheat

Molecular Breeding (2007) 20, 31-40
Dominique Barloy, Jocelyne Lemoine, Paulette Abelard, A.M. Tanguy, Roger Rivoal and Joseph Jahier (2007)
Marker-assisted pyramiding of two cereal cyst nematode resistance genes from Aegilops variabilis in wheat

Euphytica (2003) 129, 361-369
D. Barloy, C. Etienne, J. Lemoine, Y. Saint Ouen, J. Jahier, P.M. Banks and M. Trottet (2003)
Comparison of TAF46 and Zhong 5 resistances to Barley yellow dwarf virus from Thinopyrum intermedium in wheat

Plant Breeding (2002) 121, 536-538
H. Muranty, J. Jahier, A.-M. Tanguy, A.J. Worland and C. Law (2002)
Inheritance of resistance of wheat to eyespot at the adult stage

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2001) 102, 600-605
S. Seah, H. Bariana, J. Jahier, K. Sivasithamparam and E.S. Lagudah (2001)
The introgressed segment carrying rust resistance genes Yr17, Lr37 and Sr38 in wheat can be assayed by a cloned disease resistance gene-like sequence

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2001) 102, 623-629
F.C. Ogbonnaya, S. Seah, A. Delibes, J. Jahier, I. López-Braña, R.F. Eastwood and E.S. Lagudah (2001)
Molecular-genetic characterisation of a new nematode resistance gene in wheat

Nematology (2001) 3, 581-592
Roger Rivoal, Sadia Bekal, Sylvie Valette, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Makram Bel Hadj Fradj, Aïssa Mokabli, Joseph Jahier, Julie Nicol and Amor Yahyaoui (2001)
Variation in reproductive capacity and virulence on different genotypes and resistance genes of Triticeae, in the cereal cyst nematode species complex

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2000) 13, 334-341
S. Seah, W. Spielmeyer, J. Jahier, K. Sivasithamparam and E.S. Lagudah (2000)
Resistance gene analogs within an introgressed chromosomal segment derived from Triticum ventricosum that confers resistance to nematode and rust pathogens in wheat

Nematology (2000) 2, p. 785 (Rivoal et al.)
Roger Rivoal, Sylvie Valette, Makram Bel Hadj Fradj, Aïssa Mokabli, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Joseph Jahier and Julie Nicol (2000)
Identification and variability for virulence to Triticeae of CCN populations from mediterranean regions
Presented at the 25th International Nematology Symposium, Herzliya, Israel, 2-7 April 2000

Plant Breeding (2000) 119, 169-172
D. Barloy, J. Lemoine, F. Dredryver and J. Jahier (2000)
Molecular markers linked to the Aegilops variabilis-derived root-knot nematode resistance gene Rkn-mn1 in wheat

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Lagudah et al. - Cyst nematode resistance genes ...
E.S. Lagudah, O. Moullet, F. Ogbonnaya, R. Eastwood, R. Appels, J. Jahier, I. Lopez-Brana and A. Delibes De Castro (1998)
Cyst nematode resistance genes in wheat
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Paper presented in section: Conventional and enhanced breeding strategies for resistance to pathogens

Journal of Phytopathology - Phytopathologische Zeitschrift (1996) 144, 135-138
A. Rumjaun, J. Jahier, M. Trottet and H. Lapierre (1996)
Identification of a potential source of complete resistance to soilborne wheat mosaic virus in a wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium addition line

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (1995) 90, 1042-1048
A. Bonhomme, M.D. Gale, R.M.D. Koebner, P. Nicolas, J. Jahier and M. Bernard (1995)
RFLP analysis of an Aegilops ventricosa chromosome that carries a gene conferring resistance to leaf rust (Puccinia recondita) when transferred to hexaploid wheat