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Publications of Jordi Cabrefiga (9 listed):

Annals of Applied Biology (2019) 174, 92-105
Núria Daranas, Gemma Roselló, Jordi Cabrefiga, Irene Donati, Jesús Francés, Esther Badosa, Francesco Spinelli, Emilio Montesinos and Anna Bonaterra (2019)
Biological control of bacterial plant diseases with Lactobacillus plantarum strains selected for their broad-spectrum activity

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2018) 84 (10 - e00107-18)
Núria Daranas, Anna Bonaterra, Jesús Francés, Jordi Cabrefiga, Emilio Montesinos and Esther Badosa (2018)
Monitoring viable cells of the biological control agent Lactobacillus plantarum PM411 in aerial plant surfaces by means of a strain-specific viability quantitative PCR method

Journal of Applied Microbiology (2014) 117, 1122-1131
J. Cabrefiga, J. Francés, E. Montesinos and A. Bonaterra (2014)
Improvement of a dry formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens EPS62e for fire blight disease biocontrol by combination of culture osmoadaptation with a freeze-drying lyoprotectant

Plant Pathology (2013) 62, 786-798
S. Barbé, P. Llop, J. Blom, J. Cabrefiga, A. Goesmann, B. Duffy, E. Montesinos, T.H.M. Smits and M.M. López (2013)
Complete sequence of Erwinia piriflorinigrans plasmids pEPIR37 and pEPIR5 and role of pEPIR37 in pathogen virulence

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2011) 77, 2667-2675
Imma Güell, Jordi Cabrefiga, Esther Badosa, Rafael Ferre, Montserrat Talleda, Eduard Bardají, Marta Planas, Lidia Feliu and Emilio Montesinos (2011)
Improvement of the efficacy of linear undecapeptides against plant-pathogenic bacteria by incorporation of D-amino acids

PLoS ONE (2011) 6 (12 - e28651)
Pablo Llop, Jordi Cabrefiga, Theo H.M. Smits, Tanja Dreo, Silvia Barbé, Joanna Pulawska, Alain Bultreys, Jochen Blom, Brion Duffy, Emilio Montesinos and María M. López (2011)
Erwinia amylovora novel plasmid pEI70: Complete sequence, biogeography, and role in aggressiveness in the fire blight phytopathogen

Phytopathology (2006) 96, 900-907
Pablo Llop, Victoria Donat, Margarita Rodríguez, Jordi Cabrefiga, Lídia Ruz, José Luis Palomo, Emilio Montesinos and María M. López (2006)
An indigenous virulent strain of Erwinia amylovora lacking the ubiquitous plasmid pEA29

Phytopathology (2005) 95, 1430-1437
Jordi Cabrefiga and Emilio Montesinos (2005)
Analysis of aggressiveness of Erwinia amylovora using disease-dose and time relationships

FEMS Microbiology Letters (2005) 249, 343-352
Marta Pujol, Esther Badosa, Jordi Cabrefiga and Emilio Montesinos (2005)
Development of a strain-specific quantitative method for monitoring Pseudomonas fluorescens EPS62e, a novel biocontrol agent of fire blight