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Publications of John E. Losey (33 listed):

Environmental Entomology (2018) 47, 1030-1038
Benjamin W. Lee, Todd A. Ugine and John E. Losey (2018)
An assessment of the physiological costs of autogenous defenses in native and introduced lady beetles

Environmental Entomology (2018) 47, 87-92
Todd A. Ugine, Evan Hoki and John E. Losey (2018)
Interactions of Coccinella novemnotata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and Coccinella septempunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) while foraging for aphids

BioControl (2017) 62, 355-371
Danny Haelewaters, Serena Y. Zhao, Susana Clusella-Trullas, Ted E. Cottrell, André De Kesel, Lukás Fiedler, Annette Herz, Helen Hesketh, Cang Hui, Regina G. Kleespies, John E. Losey, Ingrid A. Minnaar, Katie M. Murray, Oldrich Nedved, Walter P. Pfliegler, C. Lidwien Raak-van den Berg, Eric W. Riddick, David I. Shapiro-Ilan, Rebecca R. Smyth, Tove Steenberg, Paul S. van Wielink, Sandra Viglásová, Zihua Zhao, Piotr Ceryngier and Helen E. Roy (2017)
Parasites of Harmonia axyridis: current research and perspectives

Environmental Entomology (2017) 46, 21-29
Rafael Dal Bosco Ducatti, Todd A. Ugine and John Losey (2017)
Interactions of the Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), and the North American native lady beetle, Coccinella novemnotata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): Prospects for recovery post-decline

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 997-1044
Helen E. Roy, Peter M.J. Brown, Tim Adriaens, Nick Berkvens, Isabel Borges, Susana ClusellaTrullas, Richard F. Comont, Patrick De Clercq, Rene Eschen, Arnaud Estoup, Edward W. Evans, Benoit Facon, Mary M. Gardiner, Artur Gil, Audrey A. Grez, Thomas Guillemaud, Danny Haelewaters, Annette Herz, Alois Honek, Andy G. Howe, Cang Hui, William D. Hutchison, Marc Kenis, Robert L. Koch, Jan Kulfan, Lori Lawson Handley, Eric Lombaert, Antoon Loomans, John Losey, Alexander O. Lukashuk, Dirk Maes, Alexandra Magro, Katie M. Murray, Gilles San Martin, Zdenka Martinkova, Ingrid A. Minnaar, Oldrich Nedved, Marina J. OrlovaBienkowskaja, Naoya Osawa, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Hans Peter Ravn, Gabriele Rondoni, Steph L. Rorke, Sergey K. Ryndevich, MayGuri Saethre, John J. Sloggett, Antonio Onofre Soares, Riaan Stals, Matthew C. Tinsley, Axel Vandereycken, Paul van Wielink, Sandra Viglásová, Peter Zach, Ilya A. Zakharov, Tania Zaviezo and Zihua Zhao (2016)
The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis: global perspectives on invasion history and ecology

Environmental Entomology (2016) 45, 855-864
Lauren M. Diepenbrock, Kent Fothergill, Kelly V. Tindall, John E. Losey, Rebecca R. Smyth and Deborah L. Finke (2016)
The influence of exotic lady beetle (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) establishment on the species composition of the native lady beetle community in Missouri

Weed Science (2016) 64, 743-756
Antonio DiTommaso, Kristine M. Averill, Michael P. Hoffmann, Jeffrey R. Fuchsberg and John E. Losey (2016)
Integrating insect, resistance, and floral resource management in weed control decision-making

Environmental Entomology (2015) 44, 64-72
Giuseppe Tumminello, Todd A. Ugine and John E. Losey (2015)
Intraguild interactions of native and introduced coccinellids: The decline of a flagship species

BioControl (2015) 60, 221-229
Danielle M. Brandt, Paul J. Johnson, John E. Losey, Michael A. Catangui and Louis S. Hesler (2015)
Development and survivorship of a predatory lady beetle, Coccinella novemnotata, on various aphid diets

Environmental Entomology (2014) 43, 969-976
Rakim K. Turnipseed, Todd A. Ugine and John E. Losey (2014)
Effect of prey limitation on competitive interactions between a native lady beetle, Coccinella novemnotata, and an invasive lady beetle, Coccinella septempunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Weed Science (2014) 62, 619-624
Antonio DiTommaso, Matthew R. Ryan, Charles L. Mohler, Daniel C. Brainard, Rachel E. Shuler, Leslie L. Allee and John E. Losey (2014)
Effect of Cry3Bb Bt corn and tefluthrin on postdispersal weed seed predation

Environmental Entomology (2014) 43, 1067-1075
Todd A. Ugine and John E. Losey (2014)
Development times and age-specific life table parameters of the native lady beetle species Coccinella novemnotata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and its invasive congener Coccinella septempunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

American Entomologist (2012) 58, 166-170
Samuel Ramsey and John E. Losey (2012)
Why is Harmonia axyridis the culprit in coccinellid biting incidents? an analysis of means, motive, and opportunity

Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington (2010) 112, 500-507
Louis S. Hesler, Kent Fothergill, Kelly V. Tindall and John E. Losey (2010)
Variation in elytral macular forms of Coccinella septempunctata L. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in North America

Journal of Insect Science (2010) 10 (95), 1-13
Marina C. Caillaud and John E. Losey (2010)
Genetics of color polymorphism in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum

Weed Science (2008) 56, 889-895
Rachel E. Shuler, Antonio DiTommaso, John E. Losey and Charles L. Mohler (2008)
Postdispersal weed seed predation is affected by experimental substrate

Environmental Entomology (2004) 33, 535-539
E.J. Stephens and J.E. Losey (2004)
Comparison of sticky cards, visual and sweep sampling of Coccinellid populations in alfalfa

Journal of Applied Entomology (2004) 128, 56-63
M.E. Carter, M.G. Villani, L.L. Allee and J.E. Losey (2004)
Absence of non-target effects of two Bacillus thuringiensis coleopteran active delta-endotoxins on the bulb mite, Rhizoglypus robini (Claparède) (Acari, Acaridae)

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2003) 108, 205-209
Antonio DiTommaso and John E. Losey (2003)
Oviposition preference and larval performance of monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) on two invasive swallow-wort species

Journal of Economic Entomology (2003) 96, 1420-1425
John E. Losey, Leslie L. Allee, Vladimir Zbarsky, J. Keith Waldron and Elson J. Shields (2003)
Transect sampling to enhance efficiency of corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) monitoring in corn

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2002) 105, 89-96
John E. Losey, Maureen E. Carter and Susan A. Silverman (2002)
The effect of stem diameter on European corn borer behavior and survival: potential consequences for IRM in Bt-corn

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2001) 98, 11931-11936
Diane E. Stanley-Horn, Galen P. Dively, Richard L. Hellmich, Heather R. Mattila, Mark K. Sears, Robyn Rose, Laura C.H. Jesse, John E. Losey, John J. Obrycki and Les Lewis (2001)
Assessing the impact of Cry1Ab-expressing corn pollen on monarch butterfly larvae in field studies

Environmental Entomology (2001) 30, 495-500
Jerome Tschenn, John E. Losey, Laura Hansen Jesse, John J. Obrycki and Ruth Hufbauer (2001)
Effects of corn plants and corn pollen on monarch butterfly (Lepidoptera: Danaidae) oviposition behavior

Environmental Entomology (2001) 30, 728-735
John E. Losey, Dennis D. Calvin, Maureen E. Carter and Charles E. Mason (2001)
Evaluation of noncorn host plants as a refuge in a resistance management program for European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) on Bt-corn

BioControl (2001) 46, 337-343
M.A. Jensen, J.E. Losey and A.E. Hajek (2001)
Altered behavior and distribution of pea aphids, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Homoptera: Aphididae), infected with Pandora neoaphidis (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales)

Oecologia (2000) 125, 543-548
J.P. Harmon, A.R. Ives, J.E. Losey, A.C. Olson and K.S. Rauwald (2000)
Coleomegilla maculata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) predation on pea aphids promoted by proximity to dandelions

Environmental Entomology (2000) 29, 1283-1288
John E. Losey and Micky D. Eubanks (2000)
Implications of pea aphid host-plant specialization for the potential colonization of vegetables following post-harvest emigration from forage crops

Ecological Entomology (1998) 23, 53-61
J.E. Losey and R.F. Denno (1998)
The escape response of pea aphids to foliar-foraging predators: factors affecting dropping behaviour

Oecologia (1998) 115, 245-252
John E. Losey and Robert F. Denno (1998)
Interspecific variation in the escape responses of aphids: effect on risk of predation from foliar-foraging and ground-foraging predators

Oecologia (1998) 115, 287-292
Jason P. Harmon, John E. Losey and A.R. Ives (1998)
The role of vision and color in the close proximity foraging behavior of four coccinellid species

Environmental Entomology (1997) 26, 385-390
D.D. Calvin, J.E. Losey, M.C. Knapp and F.L. Poston (1997)
Oviposition and development of Trichogramma pretiosum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in three age classes of southwestern corn borer eggs

Journal of Economic Entomology (1995) 88, 1243-1250
J.E. Losey and D.D. Calvin (1995)
Quality assessment of four commercially available species of Trichogramma (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Environmental Entomology (1995) 24, 436-445
J.E. Losey, S.J. Fleischer, D.D. Calvin, W.L. Harkness and T. Leahy (1995)
Evaluation of Trichogramma nubilalis and Bacillus thuringiensis in management of Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in sweet corn