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Publications of Jean-Louis Zeddam (8 listed):

Journal of Virology (2020) 94 (9 -e01998-19)
Jérémy Di Mattia, Marie-Stéphanie Vernerey, Michel Yvon, Elodie Pirolles, Mathilde Villegas, Yahya Gaafar, Heiko Ziebell, Yannis Michalakis, Jean-Louis Zeddam and Stéphane Blanc (2020)
Route of a multipartite Nanovirus across the body of its aphid vector

Viruses (2020) 12 (3 - 299)
Jérémy Di Mattia, Faustine Ryckebusch, Marie-Stéphanie Vernerey, Elodie Pirolles, Nicolas Sauvion, Michel Peterschmitt, Jean-Louis Zeddam and Stéphane Blanc (2020)
Co-acquired Nanovirus and Geminivirus exhibit a contrasted localization within their common aphid vector

Journal of Virology (2015) 89, 9719-9726
Anne Sicard, Jean-Louis Zeddam, Michel Yvon, Yannis Michalakis, Serafin Gutiérrez and Stéphane Blanc (2015)
Circulative nonpropagative aphid transmission of nanoviruses: an oversimplified view

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2013) 149, 138-147
Jean-Louis Zeddam, Xavier Léry, Yannery Gómez-Bonilla, Carlos Espinel-Correal, David Páez, François Rebaudo and Miguel López-Ferber (2013)
Responses of different geographic populations of two potato tuber moth species to genetic variants of Phthorimaea operculella granulovirus

Biological Invasions (2011) 13, 1505-1519
M. Torres-Leguizamón, S. Dupas, D. Dardon, Y. Gómez, L. Niño, A. Carnero, A. Padilla, I. Merlin, A. Fossoud, J.-L. Zeddam, X. Lery, C. Capdevielle-Dulac, O. Dangles and J.-F. Silvain (2011)
Inferring native range and invasion scenarios with mitochondrial DNA: the case of T. solanivora successive north-south step-wise introductions across Central and South America

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2010) 76, 7617-7625
Carlos Espinel-Correal, Xavier Léry, Laura Villamizar, Juliana Gómez, Jean Louis Zeddam, Alba Marina Cotes and Miguel López-Ferber (2010)
Genetic and biological analysis of Colombian Phthorimaea operculella granulovirus isolated from Tecia solanivora (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 319-333
N. Puillandre, S. Dupas, O. Dangles, J.-L. Zeddam, C. Capdevielle-Dulac, K. Barbin, M. Torres-Leguizamon and J.-F. Silvain (2008)
Genetic bottleneck in invasive species: The potato tuber moth adds to the list

BioControl (2003) 48, 101-112
Jean-Louis Zeddam, Julio Arroyo Cruzado, Juana Luna Rodriguez, Marc Ravallec and Ernesto Candiotti Subilete (2003)
A cypovirus from the South American oil-palm pest Norape argyrrhorea and its potential as a microbial control agent